Friday, May 17, 2013

Open Weekends, Chennai

Community Collaboration is very essential when it comes to Open Source. We’re just a group of individuals motivated by passion and moved by interest. Our paths may differ. But remember, we’re all striving for the same cause – Freedom and Openness and that’s exactly the reason why we need to collaborate on different arenas – sharing of technology, methods, practices, knowledge and know-how.
969437_10201198937281271_1947474467_nAnd thus happened the Open Weekends idea! Chennai is home to a great geek culture. People here love technology. Sadly though, there is no proper platform and medium to collaborate. With this Open Weekends, we hope to break that barrier to bring the people here an opportunity to learn and share. This might not be as big as it sounds like (I hope it did). But is definitely a good start.

Next weekend on the 25th and 26th, come join us at the ThoughtWorks Chennai campus at the Ascendas IT Park, Thiruvanmiyur where Mozilla, Wikipedia and Open Stack communities come together to host a plethora of talks, meetups and hackathons throughout the weekend.

Follow this space for more information :

We promise to keep you entertained, have you thrilled and make you smile! :)

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