Monday, March 26, 2012

Creating Add-on, Hands-on the fun way ! at Chennai Workshop

What makes Firefox the best browser ? Open Source ? nah ! HTML 5 ? No… you gotta be better than that. Look, I’m an average user just wanting to have the best browsing experience. I don’t really care if you got HTML 5 or 4 or 6 in it.  Well, Its not just me. Its about how Firefox has maintained a significant user base. Obviously, it all comes down to the greatest collection of Addons that the browser has got !

We’ve all enjoyed using addons with Firefox. It’s even more fun to develop one right ? We just wanted to share it to a greater crowd there and thus happened the Add On Development Workshop at Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai on 25th March 2012.

The speaker for the event was Soumya Deb a.k.a Debloper. He got along really well with the audience and was very interactive. Assisting him were Dwaraka – (myself), Harvish and Naresh.

We had the session split up into 2 parts, covering, the need to have Addons- an introduction, setting the developer environment in 1st part and developing addons using online builder in the 2nd part.

All the participants had developed a sample add-on that provided a right click menu option to see all the ‘About:<--->’ pages using a simple javascript code.

Internet connection was slow but, we were able to manage though. Thanks to the MIT hospitality team ! You were amazing :) On the whole, the session was very productive and enjoyable !

Click to view the Slides and Notes of the Workshop.