Sunday, December 29, 2013

ComPair - Match Peers and Make Pairs

     Something, I've been trying for sometime now. Finally, done I guess. I don't want to talk anything lengthy about it. After all, there is nothing I can really tell about it. It's a simple app that would compare the names you put in and find out who make the best pair. How does it sound like? :D

Does the very idea of it make you want to ask me "errrr.... Could-you-not-come-up-with-anyother-idea-to-build"? You say so. Well, it was fun building it. Not just the logic part (Can you guess that? :D) but the struggles I had in building it - with Rails - top to bottom and also deploying it. 

I've been trying to host this right from Yesterday night and hours of attempts later where I finally gave up all the hope on hosting things at Heroku, I brought OpenShift into play. And you know what? I'm not exaggerating, but OpenShift just works! A push request and within a couple of minutes, the site went live. Yay!

Now, why did I decide I need to make a blog post about it? Well... I'm feel unusually energetic right now jumping between places like a ping pong ball kicked across an empty hall. Is writing this blogpost helping me? Honestly, I've got no idea. But, I don't feel like doing anything but this.