Sunday, February 5, 2012

Phonetic Typing…? Yes, you can do that in Linux !

Typing always makes us shit crazy ! English typing is a you-have-to-do-it situation. But, most of them using Internet, are non-Englsh speakers. How about typing in that language ? Not many would’ve learnt typing in that language keyboard layout. Phonetic typing might be an answer. But, do we have the right stuff to get it working ?

Yes, we got tools for that. Consider using Google Transliteration. It works, yes. But, native support for Phonetic typing is always preferable, if you want it to work in a cross-application platform scenario – not just the web. Unfortunately, Google has released its Input Method Editor (IME as how it is shortened) only for Mac and Windows operating systems. Poor old, Linux is left back :(

We’ll now see a workaround to this. iBus (Intelligent Input Bus) to the rescue. Let’s see how to get it working in Linux, in our case a Fedora 16 x64 operating sytem.



  1. You first need to install the iBus tools. Do it command line, by typing,

         su –c ‘yum install ibus’

  2.  Once, the install is complete, you may run it by executing,

         ibus-daemon from the run dialog window (Alt+F2)

  3.  You’ll now see a ‘keyboard icon’ getting displayed in your window

4. Right click the window, click preferences and choose the language you want;

5. Always choose a phonetic language;

6. Now, you’ll see an option to choose between the Input Methods as below.

7. Voila ! You’re typing your language ! (Tamil language screenshot has been given below)