Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Pirate Bay AFK–What I made out of it

I’m a big fan of the Pirate Bay. I have to admit, yeah. But, wait. Do you know what Pirate Bay is? Oh, yes you do. I may speak for openness and non-piracy and “Hey guys, please give credit to software manufacturers etc.” and some stuff like that. But, inside of me, I still have a little of my childish urge to get things for free. Who doesn’t? You get movies, software and what not… with absolutely no effort. And now with unlimited broadband plans with decent speeds, every person has access to things he wouldn’t even have had a chance to look into. Often, when I ask people, “Why do you want to use torrents?” they’d tell me… Or forget people. When I ask myself or when you ask yourself, the answer we’d get is – “Why waste money on buying stuff when I can get it for free? I’d of course, buy things which I consider them worth. But, for others, why would I do it?”

This was the center of discussions that were filmed for the movie The Pirate Bay – Away from Keyboard, which was released very recently. The way the movie was filmed - It didn’t look like it was to safeguard the Pirate Bay. At least to me. The founders of the site say they are not responsible for things that are being shared and that it is the user who’s actually responsible. But, don’t you think, if your medium or idea promotes doing things wrong, it is you who is responsible for taking corrective measures?


The Pirate Bay AFK

On a serious note, one thing is damn well true. Movie studios and software manufacturers who put in their hard work and effort in making products (with quality or otherwise) need to be credited for what they have done. It is how they make their living. To share things for free, without any restrictions the copyrighted material does not obviously look good. Thinking from the perspective of the manufacturers, would you actually want your product to be sold for free? If you do not like it, why pirate it? Better avoid using it.

The idea, platform – everything from top to bottom sounded great. If there was or is a way to prevent illegal activity, Pirate Bay is the best way to promote and share stuff.