Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rock(melt)ing !!!

Its been a couple of weeks now, since the first beta version of the Open-Source based so called Social Browser – Rockmelt and yes, there has been a tremendous response from the users. 18.3 K tweets and 49K likes in is a no mean task.

     So, what makes this browser so special ? We can, in a way, call the Rockmelt as a “MORE SOCIABLE CHROME”. This is because the browser has adapted its Interface, Java Engines from the Open Source Chromium browser, and the reason why this is called more sociable is that, it has integrated all your Facebook controls to its side bars. Now, this means a lot. The man behind this project, Rockmelt, that has been in development for over two years now, is none other than Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape communications.



     You get to edit your FB statuses, check feeds, chat, post messages all within the browser interface. Also, the interface looks so cool and fast. Another social plugin that comes packaged with the browser is its twitter plugin. You can subscribe to tweets or twitter feeds well inside the browser. You can subscribe to RSS Feeds from any other supported feed source as well. There is also this “Share” button adjacent to the address bar. You can share links and posts from any website to your FB Wall.

Promo video of Rockmelt


     May be, its more like a war now. Browser war has begun and each browser claim themselves to be the best. And social-networking seems to be the mantra right now. By providing easy social messaging capabilities, you tend to aggregate more users towards using your browser and this seems like a cool way to promote your product. This fact has indeed inspired another Free web browser – Flock.

     Flock, which was till now, using the Firefox based interface had shifted to using the Chrome, just like Rockmelt. It also provides the same facilities like Facebook and Twitter clients built-inside the browser. But, lacks that lustre and interface that Rockmelt boasts of. One thing, that can be noted though, is its facility to provide extensions and toolbars just like any other normal browser. If Rockmelt is able to provide this facility then it will just be great.

     Firefox, has applied the same-strategy for its browser, by introducing the Mozilla Messaging Plugin. It can be installed in Firefox browsers ( v3.6 ). It allows you to share links in Twitter and Facebook. Chrome also has its own version of extension for Facebook

     Though, such plugins and extensions exist for other browsers, we must accept that Rockmelt has definitely brought a new trend. It’s an evolution that will speak through generations.

Rockmelting !!!!


PS :

Request for your rockmelt browser :

   - this browser, is currently available only on request and you need a facebook account to do this.

Flock Web Browser :

Mozilla’s F1 Plugin :

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Defying Gravity ! ;)

"Everything that goes up must come down. But there comes a time when not everything that's down can come up."

George Burns couldn't probably imagine that his quote would eventually also be applied Google's main page.

Play with the elements and try searching whenever you get tired of it.



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