Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mozilla Seabird–A Concept that is truly futuristic !

Open source has always been the innovator. Be it whatever. And in this regard, Mozilla has come up with a Concept Series- something like a study of things that, if we could come up with in the near future, could revolutionize the way we interact with the world and ourselves. It tries to promote the way we behave with objects, act intelligent and smart, and make life simple.
One of the ideas, that has in the recent past, that has been seeing a lot of attention lately, is the Concept – Mozilla Seabird

What is it?

Well, Mozilla Seabird, is a Open Web Concept Phone. Created by Billy May, as a part of the Mozilla Labs Concept Series, it has now evolved to be a phone, that tries to throw away the “frustrating physical interactions”, as how he calls it. It comes with unique devices and ideas to input and communicate with it.

Mozilla Seabird–2D Preview

Going by the way, the phone is touted to be,  it has a Dual Pico Projector, a 8 Megapixel camera, a 45 Luments LED Projector, an Embedded BT dongle, 3.5 mm Audio Jack, a mini USB port, and on top of it Wireless Charging.

The BT dongle, that comes with the phone, also has a IR device, that you can use to interact with the phone.
The phone, with projectors on, could also be used to run a full desktop version of a complete operating system and be used as such with a dock. Other projector, that comes along with it, can be used to show up a virtual keyboard that you could use to enter things.
The seabird with the dock, enables netbook-quality interaction by working with the projector’s angular distortion to deliver interface rather than content, says Billy.
It also tries to be the first phone with advanced motion sensing features in the market. Seabird imagines how a multiple use dongle might augment the crowded gestural interface with greater precision and direct manipulation of content in 3D space, as put in by the author Billy.

Interesting ?

Mozilla Seabird also carries with it, several misconceptions. The idea or the project as a whole, does not mean that Mozilla or its partners have any plans to produce the phone. Atleast not anywhere in the near future. It tries to be the voice of people and technolusts around the globe. It is an amalgam of ideas, concepts and resources that if we could implement, would be of greater to use to all.
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